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Designs tailored around your needs.

better, faster, affordable, and more reliable than traditional design agencies.

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Design & Brand Consulting Graphic One
Print, Merchandise & Packaging Design Graphic One
Print, Merchandise & Packaging Design Graphic Two
Print, Merchandise & Packaging Design Graphic Three

Print, Merchandise
& Packaging Design

Design & Brand Consulting Graphic Two

Design & Brand Consulting

Digital Ads & Marketing Design One
Digital Ads & Marketing Design Two
Digital Ads & Marketing Design Three

Digital Ads & Marketing Design

PowerPoint Design One
PowerPoint Design Two
PowerPoint Design Three

PowerPoint Design

Ten-minute consultations

ten-minute consultations

Get more for what you pay.

Better Value
get more for what you pay

Fewer errors, better results.

fewer errors, better results

Quick responsive support

quick responsive support 

Expert solution provider.

expert solution provider 

App & Website Design One
App & Website Design Three

App & Website Design

App & Website Design Two
Event Venue


Our business excels in maximizing space for diverse needs. It's a dynamic hub for client meetings, transforms into an event space for art, networking, and more. We offer a top-notch video and photography studio, ensuring excellence in every aspect for all occasions.

One-stop-shop for design services and strategic planning

California Design Firms proven formula for success begins with a quick and free consultation. After your needs are registered, you will have an assigned account manager to quarterback your projects. Choose to pay as you go or select from one of our subscription packages.

A new experience in getting what you need, done

Don't deal with freelancers or agencies that cost you time or money. Feel at ease with our professional design staff and management group to get you the performance and experience you expect. Our teams are transparent and honest to ensure you get the best accurate results.

Small or large, we support all businesses achieve brand growth

California Design Firm assists startups, small retail, large retail, small corporations, and large corporations. No matter what scale your business is, we will provide you the same consistent quality of support and services as tier one businesses. Our quick and free consultation will evaluate what services would best grow your business.

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